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"Dear Gabriela, I want to express how impactful partnering with you is. I used to find myself too much in my head, trying to figure out my identity as a coach and analyzing so many options to 'put myself out there', to get my message out to the world through social media.


In the four months you accompanied me on this journey, we looked closely at how I can easily get lost in my fears and 'what if?' scenarios. And, in spite of my mind working overtime, we unblocked TAKING ACTION. I was limiting myself, believing that my creative side was not good enough to design posts and write inspiring captions. So for me, it was more than the amazing inner work – we designed action plans and you kept me accountable for the goals I set for myself. As simple as it sounds, getting tangible results is a huge deal for me!


What I loved about working with you: 

  • Down-to-earth approach: How naturally you hold that space for me to open up, a space that promotes acceptance and growth.

  • Intuitive listening: You heard what was not said, sharing your observations on-point and raising my awareness.

  • Your composed presence and how you reassured me every time that what I am feeling is perfectly okay.

  • Empowering methods that forward to action: You constantly celebrated my learnings and progress, and so increased my self-confidence in taking steps toward my online presence.

  • Promoting my growth mindset: You enabled me to look at my creative process from a 'playground' point of view, rather than a right/wrong frame of reference.


Million thank you!"
- Elena M. 

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