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"Gabriela accompanied me throughout the last two years and was key in shaping my professional life in the direction I wished for. Thanks to her background in international development aid, being familiar with the UN system and having undergone herself some changes in her professional life, she understood the challenges I was facing in my wish to try a different career path.
When we met I was unemployed, trying to switch from international engagements abroad to finding a job in Switzerland. I had doubts about whether my profile and skills would be sought in the Swiss labor market. Gabriela managed to inspire a lot of confidence in my choice, reassured me in the realization that things might take time, allowed me to realize what I value in my (professional) life, what a healthy balance in challenging job situations means to me, and shared ideas on steps that helped me shape my path and work towards my goals.
What I valued most in working with Gabriela during this time was the feeling of being heard and seen. Her calmness, professionalism, knowledge of the job market and kind-heartedness signaled that I did not have to rush. She helped me recognize and then value my competences, and she provided me with the confidence that it will be worth ‘chasing my dreams’ and choosing change.
Putting her advice in practice, two years later I was invited to an interview for my dream job. As soon as I learned of this opportunity, I called Gabriela to see whether she was available to prepare for the interview. Despite the time-sensitive request, she showed a lot of flexibility, studied my application and the job description with a lot of care and provided great feedback on my application, as well as very sound advice on what employers seek to find out in job interviews. As a result, I was able to face the interview with a lot of ease and confidence.
I would recommend Gabriela to anyone in need of some extra courage, advice and support, as her goal is to make you feel empowered and happy."
- Alice O.

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